Yoyo Clubs - England (UK)

Hey Everyone - Happy Friday!

Ive been yoyoing for about a year and would really like to meet up with some fellow yoyoers.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I live in England, Reading but am happy to travel within a couple hours radius of this!


Hi Matt,

Welcome! I just started yoyoing again as well and it has been just under 3 weeks for me.
I like in Weybridge, Surrey so not too far from where you are.

There is a group called BYYA (British Yoyo Association) on facebook that you should check out.

Also there is the SRC (Southern Regional Contest) '19 happening on 30th November in Brighton.

I’m going there with the same thought as you to meet local yoyo’ers for the first time and spectate freestyles.

You should come too, or at least hit me up, and join that facebook group to meet more people.


Ahhh nice - I also started again (about a year ago) after a 10 year sabbatical…

Thank you for the response. Im going to try and make it to the contest but may be moving house the day before! Ill join the groups though and look forward to chatting again soon!

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Cool, if you are ever in Surrey hit me up bro.

I’m a total noob though, I stopped in 2007, but even back then wasn’t that good.
I have already bypassed where I was before, which isn’t much by the way.

Here is the link for you.