Columbus/ Central Ohio yoyo meet! Sunday the 24th! Today!!!!

I , as well as jsell14, have decided to begin a yoyo  meet in columbus. It will take place at Sharon Woods. It is a nice big park with plenty of shade and it is not so busy that we will get in anyone’s way. I will be posting links and specifics in a bit. Stay tuned and feel free to post here if you can come.

Date: Sunday, June 24

Time: Probably starting at 3:30. Ending whenever you want to leave.

Location: Sharon Woods Metro Park

6911 Cleveland Ave., Westerville, OH 43081

Here’s a link if you want to check out the park itself:

A map of the park.

The main entrance is to the right in the map. You come in and take the first right. Then take the first left. The area I had in mind is right next to a field and near some big trees for shade and close to a water fountain. The restrooms will be across that field. Some picnic tables of course!

A beautiful and fairly big park. Great walking trails if you ever get tired of yoyoing :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to pm me with any questions and theres my number if you need it: 6149752509

I will be there from 3:30 to 4 to see if anyone shows up, if you do that’s great we can hang out and stuff, but if no one does then I don’t want to waste my time.

I’ll be bumping this so others can see!

Anybody? I’d really like to see who all might come.

Updates to original post, links posted with more specific directions

bump dat, come if you can!

cmon bros


Come on guys, anyone?


bump. Tomorrow!!! itll be a hot one but ill be there

Today! Hope to see you all there

Bump, ill be there from 330 to 4. To see if anyone makes it.

I wish I could go!! Some things popped up. Sorry. I hope I can be there next time.