Central Ohio YOYOers UNITE!!!

I just want to take a quick survey to see how many people are actually in the area, I know there are a couple on the other forum and a couple here. Leave a comment letting me know if youre interested in having a meet or club thing started and where you live. GO!

I live in NE columbus abt 15 minutes from Easton

I’m from Mansfield (a little under an hour north of Columbus).

Would you be able to come to meets and such?

Maybe. When are they?

I live in cuyahoga falls, by Akron :slight_smile:

I’m right between Akron and canton.

Would you guys be able to make it to meets?

Where are you trying to set the meets up at?

Well in columbus, there are maybe six? that i have pmed about coming to meets, though none of them are particularly active on the forums so they might not even see this post. Maybe if there was a name behind the meet people might become more interested, ive been trying to set this up since last year.

C bus is to far of a drive for me

I’m in Ohio. Unfortunately I’m 3 hours a way from columbus.

I live in Findlay which is close to an hour south of Toledo

Anyone else?

im in fairfield ohio

I live in Muirfield, Dublin.

Sorry to necro but its appropriate. Meet this coming sunday. The 24th in westerville. Pm me for details or find the thread in the club/meet section of the forum. Would love to see some of you guys there