is there a yoyo club in columbus OH?


is there a yoyo club in columbus OH?

(M²) #2

i live in huber heights (near dayton) and i might be starting a yoyo club, but i’m not sure about columbus. I thought for sure there was one down there. Try googling coumbos yoyo club.


that would be cool i live bout 30 mins outside columbus


I live near Cincinnati.

I’m pretty sure the only yoyo club in Ohio is in Cleveland.

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grrrrr cleveland, all the yoyo contest are around there and thats 3 hours away.

(K.O.P.O.) #6

same for me

(Mitch) #7

Im about 45 minutes away… I’d attend… I would love to go to Cleveland for a meet but I dont think it would be worth taking a car ride that took longer than the meet itself…


I’m about 30 minutes from columbus. I’d show up now and again.


30 - 40 mins East of Columbus. I would show up.


im pretty close to columbus bout 20-30 min

(Mitch) #11

Dang guys… With all of us so close we need to get somthing set up… Any of you guys near the Lancaster area?


I’m about 45 min away. I would be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thomas) #13

I live in KY but would be there here and there.

(M²) #14

well, yoyoloco is a yoyo club in oh, their down by cleveland though…


Newark here, so about 30 mins or so from Lancaster, Columbus, Zanesville…etc.
My boys (10 and 8) are getting the yo-yo fever as well. :slight_smile:


I live in Columbus. Dublin actually. If you all are still planning for a club Id be happy to join.


Actually, I think there’s 3 yoyo clubs in ohio: One in Cleveland, one in Columbus (heard of one at least), and one in Lorain county.