Anyone live in or near Columbus, Ohio?


Hiya I live near Columbus it’s like 20min away. I was wondering if there were any other people who like to yoyo that live near there. I think my friend and I could benefit from meeting new people and getting advice on yoyos and tricks. We’re both girls and we’re both 16. If your close to our area and maybe our age we’d love to meet you! Thanks for reading. :stuck_out_tongue: Buh bye! :slight_smile:

P.S. We might start a yoyo club. Not entirely sure. We get kinda bummed that everything is in Cleveland and that’s like 2hrs or 3hrs away from us. :S If you’re interested and would be willing to help let us know aboout that too!


I live in columbus, making a club would be cool.


dude, im in medina ohio probably starting a club

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I live pretty close. About 45-1 hour away. There are actually a good number of thrower who live near there. So far the only club we have is in cleveland.

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I live in wilmington OH i think around an hour n 20 minutes away, and i am 16, a junior, but i dont know much about competition or anything, i just started yoyoing last winter, im okay. That would be pretty tight to start a club though.


i live in dayton about an hour away


So we gonna start a club? Yes no? Maybe so?


I’m in Columbus too, lets do this thing guys!