Colorado meetup in Ft. Collins

Hey y’all! Zach and I have been working out the details for a Colorado meetup in the north! The inagural meet will be the first saturday after worlds and will continue every saturday from 2-3:30 ish.
It will Take place at Fossil Creek park at one of the locations on the map below.(specifics tbd)Please comment and tell us if you will be there!

We are thinking that the locations 1,3,and 9 are the best. Any thoughts or comments?

Trying to zero in on location, so stay tuned. We also may film a video to promote the meets.

UPDATE. We will meet at LOCATION 1 on the map above. Promo vid. coming soon.

So you’re talking August 21st? I’d love to join up with ya’ll. I’m still kind of a noobie only been throwing for about 2.5 months now and need someone throw with and learn with!


Good to have more people. And… CLYW will sponser our club! We need to take pics of yoyoers at our club to give to Chris for CLYW to post. We also may distribute CLYW product @ the club and have a club Colorway for a yoyo!

Any thoughts?

Sounds fun! Can you confirm that date for me?

Yes it is Aug. 21st

Well looks like i can’t make it this time - Got a bday party around the same time on August 21st. Maybe next time!

We have meetings at the same time every week so you could just come the next week if you could make it.

Still doing it? I’d love to join, doing it for about 6-7 months now, Advanced Part 2-Expert part 1.

Hey guys,

You still having meetings? I live in Ft. Collins and I’ve never met anyone else who yoyos!

Meeting more info coming soon. So good to have more people willing to come. I will post info as i get it :slight_smile:

possibly a meet next week! Contact me if you have interest! we need as many people as possible to come.