Denver Yoyo Club 2020

Hey everyone,

I’d really like to try and get a Denver yoyo club back in the swing of things in 2020. Chris Rodrigues and I hang out just about every week, so we were thinking it’d be sick to try and get some more people involved.

We’re generally kicking it on Wednesday or Thursday evening after work, but I could be open to hosting the club somewhere on the weekend too.

Let me know if you’re interested in getting together and I’m sure we can figure something out (-:


Yo I’m so in! I live in Centennial and have been trying to get stuff going again too! I just haven’t been able to get something regular going. There is a Mile High Yoyo Club FB page where I post those meetups. Last one had Kyle Pearson and Jon Gates out. This coming Sunday in Aurora we have a meetup and I think Myles Gregory is joining us as well. Dude I didn’t even know you were local I would LOVE to get together! I’m extremely mediocre but really enjoy hanging out and throwing!


Anyone want to meet up this Saturday? Also toying with the idea of creating a meetup group for this…

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I can’t this weekend, but would be down when my schedule opens up.

Meetup this weekend at 3:30 in Cheesman Park! Hope to see you there!

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Taylor Noyes and I both live in summit county, you guys should come out to yoyo loco on feb. 7th for yoyo club!

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’d love to join in on some yoyo meetups. I’m a fairly recent transplant from Boston, and have been looking for some yoyo buds out here in the Denver area.

I started seriously yoyoing with a couple of coworkers last may, and I’m not amazing, but I have a decent amount of tricks under my belt and would love to keep learning more. I live in Denver and work in Centennial, but am willing to travel a bit. In fact, I prefer to yoyo outdoors while hiking. Nothing like nailing some tricks after bagging a new peak!

I just requested to join the Mile High yoyo club on FB too, not too sure how much the two groups overlap.

Let me know if there are any upcoming meetups!

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YO! Added you to the group!

We have a meet this coming Sunday the 23rd at 3pm in Parker. One of the members owns a dojo and it’s a great place to meet up! Pat Canny, Myles Gregory, Chris Rodrigues and Jon Gates have all been coming out plus a number of amateurs too so it’s been a ton of fun!

I live in Centennial too and have a BIG collection and love to get together and throw so hit me up and we can swap deets.