Collection Sale/Trade!!!

If you have any questions PM me, I will trade big for things I want.
OD Code 2- Green, one big ding, 1 small pinprick, dead smooth
OD Code 1- YYE edition, satined rims, smooth
Duncan Freebird- Some small marks and some scuffs, plays pretty smooth
Hspin Pyro Light- MIB, #875
Rec Rev 33 1/3- Grey with Gold splash, near mint, smooth
Northstar- Green, some damage, some vibe
Rec Rev SCLB-Mint
ILYY Lio- Some damage, smooth
Duncan Hyper freehand- Some small damage, plays really good
Rec Rev #9-Mint
Crucial half and half- Mint
Rec rev raw yoyo- Not sure what it is, small vibe, mint
Genesis- Pretty messed up but plays good
CYYC Gull Wing- near mint
YYF Supernova Lite- Some damage, small vibe