FS:CLYW, General-Yo, RecRev, YYJ


Looking to sell, may accept SOME trades so offer

CLYW cryo Arctic Circle. MIB OFFER

Recrev 33 1/3 grey w/ yellow splash dead smooth has a few dings around the rims $30

RecRev Mangaroo glossy black color. 1 of 1, was stripped. Sent to Landon and now its better. Plays nice. A pair of dings that break ano. Plays good reguardless. Also has some damage on the side $25

RecRev Facade Prototype. Raw. Needs to be polished up a little. Tiny dings ans scuffs aroind the rims. Plays nice! $30

YoYoJam Classic. Solid pink, plays like a classic should haha 1 scuff $10

General-Yo 5-star. Beat. Vibes. Wobbles but its not horrible. Still plays pretty nice $40

$120 takes everything!  excluding the arctic circle