Collaborations that need to happen?

I think C3 and One Drop could do something pretty incredible.

General Yo and CLYW neeed to do something together.

YYF- Duncan


Regardless of true collaborations, I’d like to see more companies using the side effect system. I’m honestly still not even sure about the “different weight” argument since I only have one SE yoyo and no different effects! but I do like the potential for customization in terms of shape and colour (and I guess ultimately weight), and I appreciate the impact on the manufacturing process and lifespan of the yoyo (accidentally cross threads? New side effects, not new yoyo!).

So yeah… Punchline SE, featuring the all-new mega-spikes! :wink:

That said, I’ll throw myself behind a true SPYY and OD collab. :wink: Or another SPYY and CLYW. Or a SPYY meets MonkeyfingeR… :wink:

Guess I will be the first to say it :D. Just a straight up collab between General-Yo and One Drop.

I’m only interested in a collaboration if it’s built from the ground up. I’m super disappointed with most of these fusions. All companies should be required to make a DBZ reference before considering such, so they can wallow in the shame of their decisions.

brokenyoyos X oxy

Monkeyfinger x X3

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That’s a good one. Two companies that are a bit outside of the box!

3yo3 and one drop


Nickel Plated Majesty with spike side effects= amazing

A Cupcake in the Circle…I can see that :slight_smile:

I’d love to have a Regal or Kikazaru Punchline…

or, a nickel engraved El Ranchero with grooves in the catch zone and six shooter holes(no Side Effects)…

or, a nickel Amplifier with Side Effects. Then it could have spikes! …

I love the look of a cup with a SPYY spike. Side Effects are such an amazing revolutionary idea, but I would miss the spike.

Imagine if you will… a side effect so customized to the SPYY collaboration that it looks just like the SPYY spike. The only thing giving it away being a line where the yoyo meets the spike… :wink:

Naturally, the effect is changed as soon as you put on any other side effect, but at least there’s that option. :wink:

I know what you’re saying, though.

It wouldn’t be the same, to me, aesthetically. However, if SPYY and One Drop did collaborate on a return top with Side Effects, I would want one.

Tom Kuhn X TMBR


a SPYY x OD would be cool, with a custom Side Effect that looked like either SPYY spikes or those “six shooter hole” spikes, the Six-Holed Spike would be siiiiick to have on a limited SPYY x OD!! Or something like a Radian with One Drop grooves and limited SPYY Spike Side Effect would be cool.

I was going to say Spyder X Dingo, but the Spyder doesn’t need to be altered.

A nickle amplifier would be just plain awesome.

If c3 and general yo got to gather it would-be interesting on what would happen.

MonkeyfingeR & CLYW! Canadian support

Yoyorecreation X Turning Point. Talk about smooth.