Collaboration Throws

I know there have been a lot of collaboration yoyos out there and I wanted to make a list of all of the yoyos and companies. Fill in by reply what I missed:

Proton (YYFxTurningPoint)
Summit (ODxCLYW)
Wooly Markmont (ODxCLYW)
Galactic Goose (CLYWxSPYY)
Co-lab (G2xMFD)
H5xChief (CLYWxC3)
Sakura (ODxILYY)
Collabricon (GenYo x 3YO3)
Ministar (ODxGenYo)
Nifty (Berry x YYO)
H2O (Oxy x hspin)
Jet Set EG (Something x JapanTechnology)
Equilateral (YYFxSomething)
PurpleLine (MagicYoyo x iYo)
Firestorm (Yomega x YYJ)
Odyssey (Yomega x YYJ)

OD x ILYY Sakura
GY x 3yo3 Collabricon


One drop x General Yo Ministar

Berry X YYO Nifty

That’s a good one too. It slipped my mind.

H2O (oxy x hspin)

All above have been added to the list. There are quite a few more than I thought there were and lots I didn’t even know of.

sOMETHING x Japan Technology JetSet EG


Equilateral yyf and hiroyuki Suzuki/something

I didn’t realize there are so many of these things

That recent line of yomega released yoyojams come to mind

So I just got a Summit last week and it has become my favorite throw. Just wondering what every ones favorite collaboration throw is.

There has to be more…

MagicYoyo X iYo PurpleLine

Cypher Turning Point X YoYoFactory
Cyborg Turning Point X YoYoFactory
Chaotic Turning Point X YoYoFactory

There must be more in the FundaMETAL line…

The Proton has always been one of my favourite YYF throws, so after picking up a Cyborg recently off the B/S boards and being blown away by how good it is (my brother used it without knowing what it was and he said it was easily the best yoyo he’d ever thrown… he actually thought it was made by CLYW and was surprised to hear it was a YYF) I’m definitely convinced that YYFxTurning Point is a winning combination. ;D

I really wish I could bring myself to buy a Cypher considering it’s YYFxTP, but the design really really doesn’t agree with me. Still, the new CZM8 is going to be another YYF/Kentaro collab (perhaps not officially, I’m not sure if they’re labelling it as such), so that’s going to be one to look out for.

When will we get a YYRxOnedrop collab eh? Or sOMEThINGxCLYW? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dogs and Cats; living together…


Yoyojam x Yomega Firestorm, Odyssey, and one more I forgot the name of

I cannot conceive a throw that both Hiroyuki and Jensen would use xD

I didn’t know the Cypher was a colab.