Favorite Companies

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Clyw may not be the best, but their yoyo names and coloways just make yoyoing 10x better

I wouldn’t care if it was pink, and I’m a boy, if I had the best yo-yo in the world I wouldn’t care the color. . .

Yomega! jk
YYF and C3.
The only thing worse then using a pink yoyo in a contest is being beat by someone using a pink yoyo…



personally i love pink or purple throws. my perfume cloud skywalker is imo one of the most beautiful finishes i have ever seen period the end. nobody is gonna think your not a man for having a pink yoyo lol. its just what i like. yoyos are like ladies anyways. its all smooth at first love at first throw but if u neglect them they start flying in your face out of nowhere and become super loud and annoying lol. and if you bang them up they never will be the same and that first throw is just a distant memory of the good times lmao… vs newton is my number one. 4 skywalkers and a moonwalker coming soon. yaaaa boiiiiieeee p.s dont bang up yoyos but definatly dont bang up women.


Where is OneDrop on the poll!!!???
I demand answers for this sacrilege.
OD and CLYW for me.
OneDrop by far, though.

Vsnyyc needs to come out with more stuff. That’s my only complaint. But I agree OD should be on this list. They make great affordable throws not to mention they machine some of the best throws from other companies to. For a consistant company who puts out enough throws for everybody and doesn’t have ridiculous prices I would have to go with one drop to.

you should have put one drop yoyos


Werrd is not on this list.

This displeases me.

Where the hell is YYR ???
I am… disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:

o SHIitake mushrooms. shoot i forgot onedrop srry!

And so many others.

You forgot yomega too…forgot they suck!

I vote Werrd.

This man right here.

He knows what’s up.

I vote general yo ;D

Should I have put 50 options for companies because that would waste time

It would give you an accurate answer but to save you time CLYW or YYF would win.