Colin Beckford Joins Recess!

This team is full of great players and they just added another one.

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I wonder who Tyler can get to switch next. Ky, Ian, now Collin have left their sponsors. Recess building that team.

Colin killed it at NER last week, he is scary good. Tyler is really building the Recess team into a force to be reckoned with.

Blimey, jumping ship from Duncan is a pretty big deal. :-X


Wow, that’s a big get.

Supergroup or bust for Recess.

i think is recess is going to have the biggest skill in the smallest team…

I would go ahead and say this is the most skillful and best team after Yoyofactory.

They just miss an 2a player.

Part of me wonders, why Colin and Patrick changed sponsors in the first place. They both had absolutely fantastic sponsors. Especially Collin, he might just have been able to go to any contest in the world with his.

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Tyler sent his whole team to Tokyo last month.

Get in on the ground floor.

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Meh, that makes a difference in tech startups and whatnot but I don’t know how much it matters in yoyos. Really unlikely any of them will be retiring off of stock options. Maybe I’m wrong

Maybe he wanted some of that Recess “cool” factor…

No one knows the details of their contracts. Maybe they got a % of the business. Im sure he wouldnt leave Duncan unless it was worth it.

I’m not saying this is what happened. But, some people will help out their friends, no matter what it costs them. There are still a few people like that left in the world. So, you never know. :slight_smile:

I think that the Recess Team is slowly becoming the dream team of yoyoing.

if only they had Zach and gentry ;)that would be amazing :o



Well… I mean… Nah…

Jk. Lol. ;D

Amazing how ‘if’ can change reality for a fleeting moment in an Imaginary World.

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so true