Cold Weather Yoyo Gloves?

(yoyobro!) #1

Hey guys! As the days are beginning to cool down, the leaves are turning pretty colors and people are having bonfires and all that happy jazz, I am having a yoyoing dilemma!

My hands tend to get VERY cold compared to the rest of my body in the winter and as that is not very conducive to throwing, I was wondering if y’all had any solutions. I am starting to like wearing gloves for throwing anyway but the thin ones that I have won’t really keep my hands warm enough. I know that you can’t tell me where you got them on here but just a brand name or something would be quite helpful! Thanks guys!


I have the same delimma and am interested to know if any such gloves exist out there.

(InvaderDust) #3

Reach out and ask him what hes using…


Nylon yoyo gloves work pretty well.


Icebreaker makes a pair of really thin liner gloves. I have a pair, and they’re surprisingly warm. They look a lot like the gloves Gentry is wearing in that photo. Smartwool may make something similar.


Awesome thanks for the leads guys!

(yoyobro!) #7

Sweet thanks! I will check those out for sure.


Ian wears a pair of relatively thick cotton gloves a lot when he competes so I know some thickness shouldn’t slow you down since he’s pretty quick.

Isotoner used to make thin insulated gloves that might work too.