Im prob going to order a Code1! . If anyone has any color could they please explain if the colors surprised u or are ugly or how great they are. THANKS!!!

All colors are very nice.

:slight_smile: I know that all colors are nice. Im wondering for example if it looks different in person or is more rich or something like that. Im also liking the yellow but wondering if it looks somewhat like a banana lol. And if u just want to comment on why u like one color better than post that also. THANKS!!! ;D

I have a green 54. I’m very happy with it. I think the color is the same. I wish I could afford a Code1… I need one… but whatev

My friend bought the flame thrower edition. I didn’t like the flame thrower edition as much in the pictures at first, but in person it looked excellent and even better than that when spinning!
I have the slaughterhouse edition which looks incredible.

if you can find one, the slaughterhouse edition looks amazing. black w/ red splash. or I have a yellow one that looks pretty nice. kinda goldish.

Many of the colours so far have been very excellent. The Pyramatte anodization has the colours showing very vibrant. Much better then the 54 colours. The various special editions that have been coming out have been really keen and sharp to the eye.

My personal various has been the “Brew angel” blue with yellow splash edition. Along with the newest one that shall be coming out, the “Thunderstorm” edition. That edition is Blue and silver acid wash with Black splatter I believe.

Its a matter of tastes as to what colours really pop to your eyes.