Purple, Red, and Pink Code1???

Hey guys, i was looking around various yoyo websites and saw Purple, Red, and Pink Code1??? I was just wondering if One Drop released other colors for the code1. Btw they weren’t the fade versions they were solid.

They made lots of colorways

there have been many colours.
There are all the colours here on yye, then other sites have had green/clear and purple/clear fade, flamethrower, slaughterhouse, relic (personally my favourite. love the rust/black), and probably others.

Forgot Thunderstorm, now and later, and nickel plated. ;D

Yoyoexpert edition and angel brew. Yoyoexpert edition is AMAZING

The yoyoexpert edition really reminds me of the urban gun camo from COD MW2, which is awesome, hope to pick one up before they run out.

I believe the Red colour were both NQP as well as regular editions. Pink as well, I’m not sure where you saw the purple at. Those colours have been sold in other yoyo stores


Anyone wanna post a YYE edition spinning, please? ::slight_smile: ;D