Hey all,

Over the past year and a half, I have found companies that I have liked, and others that I feel are way undervalued in the community. I have been on a mission to find specific throws, not just a model, but a color way, and since I don’t have the funds to buy them on release dates, I have to scour the BST.

With this, I find to be caught up in the “chase” in finding and getting the throw, more then the actual receiving it in the mail, almost like a subtle lull comes over me when I open the package, its almost depressing.

But, going back to my original point of this thread, I am at the point in were I know what specific throws I want in my case. I judge this a lot on the colors. I like having a variety of colors, along with what I consider “staples” that I feel everyone must own, like a Genesis, Protostar, Chief, a FHZ/FH, a good fixed axel etc…

Today was one of those days where I finally, well for the third time, received what I consider to be a throw that I will never get rid of again, a staple in my mind. A Now and Later CODE1. I have had 2 over the years, and foolishly traded them off. In their absence, I have come to realize how much I not only love the CODE1, but that color way of green with neon pink splash. The CODE1 is an iconic throw in my humble opinion, seeing as it was designed by our peers, and turned out fantastic. Also a Now and Later CODE1 was my first transaction on the BST ever, and the CODE1 that I got today might be that very same CODE1 I got year(s) ago!!! So to the guy who sold it to me, if you have pics from 1.5 years ago of the CODE1 you sold me, I would love to see if it is the same one!

I want to know what throws you all are in search of, or have that you feel makes them a keeper? tell us the story behind that iconic throw that you have been after!

Here are two more stories if you care to read them:

My Avalanche, it is a pre release first run, non engraved, blue acid wash w/ pink speckle. I first got a 28 stories Ava, and hated it because the sound it made, was almost identical to my Lunatic, which I wasn’t fond of at the time. Because of this, I didn’t like it or wanted to play it. Over time it got traded off, and I came across another 28 Ava in a trade, and I kept playing it, and feel in love with the darn thing. The only issue is, I hated the 28 stories color way. Side Note: I do like the color way when it is done right, looking at a 28 peak, the blues and how the red splash is more of a splash, then like a “glob” splash. Like the “Delirium Dive” on the new Ava’s, the splash is more fat. The 28 is thinner, which I feel makes the color way. So, after this infatuation with the Ava, I wanted to go back to its roots, the first color way, which also looks sick and it is one of my throws im never getting rid of.

Also my Pinkerton Canvas. In addition to it being DEAD smooth and mint with its box, I bought it from Heath last year for like $90…? or something similar to that. I traded it off in search of other throws, this then put it into circulation on the BST as it made its rounds. A couple months ago, I did a trade, where I was getting a Pinkerton Canvas. When I looked at it, I went through my old BST pics and found that it was the exact same one I originally bought! Still MIB and dead smooth. I knew that this canvas was mine to have it find its way back to me.

In conclusion, my newly found again CODE1 sits next to my Ava, Canvas, and other throws that have found their permanent space in my case, looking awesome.

So whats your story?

I traded my first Chief off last year. It was a mistake. I sought for another a chief for a while… I got 2, but I would kill for my original Chief… If anyone has a Zack Gormely Chief with some odd blue splash instead of speckle I want it back! I also miss my Overdrive. I missed having an Avalanche…so I traded my Overdrive for one plus a Levi 3, and a Code 2 and a Code 1.

The Avalanche is an incredible throw no doubt!

I’m a HUGE fan of the Code 1

As far as story goes, I gotta think of that one…