Code Lyoko Fans of YYE Thread


I wonder if there’s any Code Lyoko fan here at YYE Forums … Well you can just discuss about this here in this thread.

Code Lyoko is a French animated Cartoon … Aired on Cartoon Network from 2002 - 2009 ;D

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I saw it on tv a couple times ,but I never really watched it.


For some reason I allways thought that it was a french cartoon. I really enjoyed it when I saw it years ago. I miss that show, hehe.


Yeah, I used to like this show but after they stopped showing it on cartoon nnetwork I never saw it again. So where did the story like end?


i vaguely remember such a cartoon… my personal favorites have always been Dragonball z, Family Guy, and Ed Edd n Eddy in decending order of favoritness


I’m not exactly sure, I downloaded alot of the episodes but the last thing that I remember is they materialized Lita and had her living with them and had gotten pretty familiar with sector 5.


video plz


I used to love that show when it was on Cartoon Network. The story was really great and the theme music was awesome.


i loved that show but they never aired it again.the thing i loved the most about that show was the dog


You mean Kiwi aka Odd’s dog

~well I use to on the code lyoko fandom a lot … from 2008-2009

Here’s the S2 intro…



how did i not see this?


I loved the show, too bad moonpie or whatever has copyrights >.>


Also, i just realized, i could spend some itunes money on the show. like, the whole first season :3

oh, and they will be making a new season soon. some live acting and some CGI


Code Lyoko 2012 coming soon

yes Code Lyoko all 4 seasons are available on iTunes!

Code Lyoko Copyright claimed by : Moonscoop and some other company


That was a horrible show.

Sorry, I have nothing against fans of it, but I just always hated everything about it. The theme, the horrible art style, etc. To each their own, I suppose, I just don’t understand the like for it.

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Why would you come into a thread made for “fans” when you obviously dont like it?
That honestly makes no sense.


I loved it but never finished a season. I moved to Mexico and lost memory of the show til now


Yahh Great show … and very Interesting when I 1st watched it so i just into the fandom quickly.But Code Lyoko fans are rare to find these days IRL.


Come one, come all. watch em here.

EDIT: I’m downloading/uploading them all. here is episode one. MP4 for those that like it on your ipod :slight_smile:


ok I hope you put then in seasons … S1 , S2 , S3 , S3 , S4 all in separate folders / zip files.


I loved that show… sad its gone. :confused:


yahh… I blam Cartoon Network