Code 2 + Eli Hops = Smashed watch

So I just started learning Eli Hops and I was starting to do them pretty good till I pulled down a little hard. Not sure if it came down and bounced off the string or hit directly. Should I take off my watch while I’m yo’n?

Yeah, I’d say removing your watch would be a pretty good idea!

I didn’t damage my watch as bad but I did need a new ceramic band for it when my viszilla whipped around and cracked it. Now, the watch comes off all the time.

I always take my watch off because the string snags on it during tricks. Ive hit my watch once but there was no damage luckily. Just a good idea to take it off anyways.

dude that hilarious … sorry for the watch … was it expensive? :stuck_out_tongue:

but at least you never got hit in the face trying to learn asian pops (which i still can’t do)

Broke a $3500 Gucci watch doing arm tricks…

Is the yoyo okay?

i’m wondering how can you shot your watch…

Unlucky…I don’t wear watches because I have tattoos on my wrists and rather look at them…I did almost knock myself out when my YoYo went Kamikaze on my head last night in the train station…