Code 1 and Code 2

For a while now I’ve been considering getting a Code 1 or Code 2 and last night on one of the bst I found a Code 1 for pretty cheap. I was wondering if what some of the differences between the two are and if one plays a lot better than the other. Thanks

I have a Code 1 and I really like it. I have paid for a Code 2, but I’m waiting for it to ship with a bunch of other goodies(such as a Burnside, holders, T-shirts and another yoyo).

Ultimately, it comes down to preferences. I hear nothing but good things about the Code 2 and I can’t wait to try it.

I will say this: In my opinion, the Code 1 is a 1A player. The Code 2 seems to be made to handle both 5A and 1A with no compromise in either play style.

If you saw a good deal on a Code 1, I’d say go for it. But, if funds are limiting and can’t get both, maybe hold off and go for the Code 2 or just get the Code 2. Ideally, I’d say get both.

Thanks right now I think I will probably just get the Code 1 because I’ve tried 5A and it’s okay but I enjoy 1A a lot more and the Code 1 is pretty cheap and I have enough money now for it. I will probably wait until my birthday in July to get the Code 2. Thanks for the advice.

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Also on the Code 1 on the bst it says it has satined rims. Can someone please explain to me what that is?

Sounds like he removed the anodizing from the rims. This may be why it’s selling for so cheap. All I can say is I wouldn’t buy it like that. I prefer things to be pretty much factory/stock.

Satining is a surface treatment for helping with grinds. The Code 1 uses the Pyramat surface treatment and doesn’t need any additional treatment for grinds.

Satining drops the value of any yoyo

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I agree that “aftermarket” satining drops the value of the yoyo.

I have a Werrd 4XL and TFL, and those are satined, from the factory.

Ok thanks for all the help. I’m deciding not to buy it because I also like my yoyos as close to factory/stock too. I think I’ll just save for a little while and buy the Code 2.