COD reference whats your favorite perk?


whats your favorite perk From any Call of Duty?
Mine is sleight of hand because instead of reloading faster I yoyo faster ;D
write something get creative :slight_smile:


I hate to bash a 2nd of your threads, but we have facebook, instagram, imgur, 4chan, reddit, and more for all this. No need to add yoyoexpert to that list.


I understand you and I probably wont do anymore but I was just wondering what other people think
just to say it is unrelated disscussion


Im going to change this thread for the fun of it


More like it :wink:

Slight of hand, by far. So sad its not in blops 2.


There is still hope… Fast mags… So um… Fast strings? I like lightweight… No fall damage, so my yoyo does not get dinged when dropped?


True. That’s why I hate Facebook nowadays.


not bad ;D


this would go so well with ammo strings
so someone come up with one including ammo strings


I got a new one
Dead Silence instead of being quiet my bearing becomes quiet ;D