cnc engraver for hire.

Hey guys my brother and I are building another cnc machine after we sold our last one. I can engrave again. Just pm me or email or text and I can hook you up with an awesome engraving. It likely won’t be finished for a day or two. But I should be able to take orders by the weekend. Phone number is available via pm. I work for yoyos cash or gaming stuff. A bigger logo (20 inches wide and 15 tall or so) is around $40. Small ones are a lot cheaper because the wood cost is a lot cheaper. If you have your own image it may be cheaper than if I have to design it myself. Basically all text and logo photos work. Logos include stain. If you want a routered edge notify me of it. I haven’t purchased any wood yet so I think all I have Is oak but I plan on getting more kinds soon. Specialty wood is expensive. If you want a wooden yoyo box engraved I can do that too. Just message me what you have in mind and I can give you a price. Also good ideas for a cnc machine are welcome[/URL][/URL

Band name for a yye user.
Name plates for another yye user
Logo for me.
Logo for the owner of the company.

Did these for the owner of the company. This is in vcarve the program I use.

these turned out great ;D :slight_smile: Lighting on the pictures didn’t look so good though.

Those are pretty awesome

This stuff is amazing.

Rally Cool stuff