Custom engraving>>??

I wanna get my Chief custom engraved, does anyone professionally engrave(like just normal lettered engraving)? If so, PM me. THANK YOU

Don’t think so.

There are plenty of places that will engrave anything for a modest price. Depending on the intricacy of your design. Most places charge by complexity or character length.

Google is your friend. Google maps is your best friend. Just search for “engraving” and you’ll find something. Give them a call and see what they can do for you.

You say engraved. There are two types. Some yoyo’s have indentation engraving meaning they remove material. Then there is laser engraving which is just burning the surface of the anodizing. One is more permanent than the other.

As was said before use google, and i would not suggest having hand engraving done, that can get expensive fairly fast…

Depending on what you want done. Ive had it done several times (not to a yoyo yet). Some of them being custom artwork and I’ve never scoffed at the price quote.

I meant laser engraving, or for example, the YoyoFactory engravings on the Avant Garde.

Most of the high quality Ano shops have laser engravers. Check your local yellow pages.