CNC engraver. Can do custom for you..

Hey guys my brother and I just finished a cnc machine after we sold our last one. I can engrave again. Just pm me or email or text and I can hook you up with an awesome engraving. Phone number is available via pm. I work for yoyos cash or gaming stuff. A bigger logo (20 inches wide and 15 tall or so) is around $40. Small ones are a lot cheaper because the wood cost is a lot cheaper. If you have your own image it may be cheaper than if I have to design it myself. Basically all text and logo photos work. Logos include stain. If you want a routered edge notify me of it. I haven’t purchased any wood yet so I think all I have is oak but I plan on getting more kinds soon. Specialty wood is expensive. If you want a wooden yoyo box engraved I can do that too. Just message me what you have in mind and I can give you a price. Also good ideas for a cnc machine are welcome[/URL][/URL

Band name for a yye user.
Name plates for another yye user
Logo for me.
Logo for the owner of the company.

I have another posting in the custom accessory makers under manufacturer news if you want to see a few more samples of my work. Also if you just interested in the home built cnc machine ask away. I’ll maybe post a picture of it later.

Nice looking stuff. I’m curious how you find another Erik spelled with a “K” beccause all the Erics I meet spell it with a “C” so I’m suspicious especcially since this other “Erik” is on YYE what are the odds of there being 2 Erik’s both spelled with "K"s on the same forum. anyways I don’t even know what I was just rambling about I think I might be tired and need a nap. :smiley: