CLYWxOnedrop part dos.... So excited

Hard to say. No stats or pics on this so who knows. They are just firing up the hype machine. As for me, I’ll wait till I actually see something I can form my opinion on.

Someone on FB said that they saw something on a onedrop computer that was a SE Arctic Circle

I wonder what the price point will be…

Onedrop yoyos don’t go over $100. CLYW return tops [unless Fools Gold] don’t go below $100

And cue hype machine :wink: Even if it’s true, this is kinda ridiculous.

Also, I’d guess that it’ll be in between both their prices.

Please be the best of CLYW and One Drop with the price of One Drop.



I’m interested. Why don’t we just make a Puffin with Side Effects? That’s all we want anyway.

Smaller yoyos for life.

Now we’re talking. Just a CLYW design with side effect. How could you go wrong?

Not too excited about what I’ve heard so far. One Drop is synonymous with innovation, whereas CLYW feels more simple and ‘rugged’. Both great qualities, though I feel combining them may make the yoyo a little too elaborate. Sort of like adding a thermometer to a calculator.

I honestly think it’ll just be a One Drop with double rims.

We’re so rugged! Like using leaves for toilet paper.


won’t we all be surprised when we find out the colab is something non-yoyo related…
“now introducing, clywxonedrop futuristic toilet paper leaves!”

“just”? Heheh, that would be awesome, too.

Code 2… now with double rims. We’ll call it the “Code Caribou”.

I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

Chief with side effects and some type of grooved like one the code 1 & 2 would be dope. I don’t think they should go with cascade. Not into the cascade tho that’s just me

I love that as soon as a company announces anything now, they’re “firing up the hype machine”.

Or is it just expensive items? Did Duncan “fire up the hype machine” on the Yo-tility Holster, or did they just announce a product?

I forget how this works. I’m old. :wink:

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Since they have announced a product without any specs or pictures, what would be the reason for it other than hype? They have nothing to sell at the moment. I’m not knocking them because it does work, that’s for sure.

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Id buy it, if it doesnt go over $120.

I am very excited for this and hope to see SE’s (I think we know that will happen) Although a SE equipt CLYW of pretty much any of their models would be sweet I think it will either be an original design that one or both OD or CLYW have been working on OR something they have just created…

I found a picture pretty easily. One Drop x CLYW Collaboration – The Summit *UPDATED WITH PICS*

I guess it’s a terminology thing. What some people disdainfully refer to as “hype” I just call “two small businesses trying to make sure their products sell”. :wink:


looks like a Avalanche/Cascade/Yelets. Seems like the only CLYW thing in there is the little line that the Avalanche has in the catch zone, and the snow tire response. I think everyone would have been much happier with a CLYW throw with side effects. I don’t see me getting this.