CLYW's 28 Stories


Am I the only one who has noticed that the 28 stories Peak looks a lot different than, say, a 28 stories Avalanche or Gnarwhal?

(M.DeV1) #2



Just because it’s 28 stories doesn’t mean it all has to be exactly the same. Just the same idea.


I don’t think any two yoyos with the same colorway are the same. I think the very nature of how they do it is somewhat random. I think the idea is a theme or concept with how the colors are laid down and what’s the base color.


They did make it different on purpose.


The very original 28s colorway on the OG peak looked completely different than what they have now. They used a different person for the anodizing and painting. That’s the cool thing about CLYW. Every single yoyo in unique and different. No two are exactly the same


No you’re not the only one at all. Even the second run 28s Peaks who use the same anodizer as they currently do is vastly different from today’s rendition of the 28s colorway. Personally I like the first run 28s Peak colorway the best out of any rendition I’ve seen thus far. All the ones that have come out recently really just don’t do it for me to be quite honest.


Does the term “28 stories” have any significance toward the aids charity? Does any of the proceeds go towards their foundation?


As far as I know yes and yes.


That’s right because it’s named after the book 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa. The first run Peaks had I believe $1.00 donated towards AIDS charities for each unit sold and I’m pretty sure the trend has continued with each subsequent release of the colorway. As to the actual amount, that I’m not sure of.


Wow I never knew about that! Another reason Chris is awesome!