first peak I've owned in five years and I can't be happier!

So I recently got back into throwing around last summer and have been casually searching for a peak for awhile. as when I originally used to throw was one of my favs. And since the discontinue, its been increasingly harder to get one. And even though I ended up paying a little more then I would’ve liked. But I had to make an accept ion for this beauty… don’t mind the scratches. It was apparently a test throw for the og peaks.

Looks good man!

Thanks man I hid the marks best I could. since the p/o said it was a test yoyo from clyw back in the day, I would assume the marks are from that. Or it was an elaborate story for walking the dog. But he seemed trust worthy lol.

I’m not too sure about tester, but that’s most definitely a first run 28 stories, from the same run as the OG peaks.

The yo-yo is a beauty, man. I should get around to acquiring a Peak sooner rather than later.

28stories and OG were separate runs from the same machinist. 28stories came a while after and the nubs on the 28stories were different on each side

The person above is right. When buying the peak the kid sent me a snippet of history on the peaks general history. and it said the 28s were parts of the second batch of the first run. The article also Said something along the line of 50 28s were made. And 30 something were sold in person and the rest privately.

Thanks for the compliments I sire do enjoy it a lot.

Sparhawk is correct, but it was still from the first machine shop.