OG 28s Peak SOLD: $475 Still have buttons, response pads and TONS of GString

28s sold for $475

Not sure if I want to give this up, but I do have a second kid on the way, and money will be needed haha

This is a very special 28s Peak…it has 2 pointy hubs (as seen in the pics)
I do not know what this is worth right now, and again, do not know if I will let it go, but I am going to entertain some offers

The worst damage is shown in the pics. It has the normal CLYW vibe. It is an amazing throw.

Please feel free to ask questions! =)

28s Peak
YYF Long Stacks
TONS of G-Strings (including the RARE Pure strings: black and white)
Response Pads
Yo-yo Holder

Main Wants:

Check the pics for details and hit me up!

Stickers are GONE!
Pure is gone!
28s is GONE!

DSC_4465 by trvrlnc, on Flickr
DSC_4466 by trvrlnc, on Flickr
DSC_4474 by trvrlnc, on Flickr


will sell it all for $130

pure is gone…putting my 28s peak up

Can OP or someone else point out something in the pics that shows its a first run? It’s not that I’m disputing by any means what’s so ever!, I would just like to know how to tell the difference since this one has the rare pointed nipples on both sides. I read something about how colors bleed through or something as well. Anyone? Are the colors completely different as well?

After a quick search my observation is that the base color is quite a bit lighter, the splash is a lot thinner. Is that the key points to look for?

On 2nd run 28s Peaks, the shade of blue is a lot darker. That’s how I tell the difference between 28s Peaks.

You can see the silver beed blast which is the bleed through I believe you’re talking about

This is definately an original 28stories peak and I haven’t seen one for sale for some time so it’ll be nice to see it’s end price

WOW, This would be the holy grail for a collector. As if it wasn’t rare enough that it’s a 1st run, 2nd batch, 28 stories peak, which is the 1st 28 stories peak, with only around 50 being made, but it actually has spikes on both halves! Aside from the obvious lighter ano job, another way to differentiate the 1st runs from the 2nd runs is that the 2nd runs have a much sharper 90 degree angle on the outer rim. I guess it’s hard to tell this if there isn’t a 1st run and 2nd run side by side, but, if you look at enough of them, you can tell. Also, there’s a machine line on the inside hub area that vaguely circles the response area. So this is rarer than a normal 1st run, 28 stories peak, b/c it would play about as good as one could play due to the dual spikes for “maximum smoothness” Someone is gonna have some explaining to do to their wife after this one. “But Honey, you don’t understand, it’s a 1st run, 28 stories Peak and both halves have a spiked nipple!”

The dual spike would have been done afterward by swapping the halves of 2 different 28 stories peaks and would cause more vibe. Just because both sides are the same nub doesn’t mean it’ll play any better. They were matched up with 2 different hubs because they actually played better that way from what I remember. Now if it came this way straight from chris that would be a different story.

LOL, You’re kidding right? How would it be any different if Chris took 2 of the halves that both had a spike and screwed them together and sent that yoyo out versus if he and someone he knew swapped halves and he ended up with 2 spikes? Either way, the halves are proportionate, so the yoyo would be smoother than if the yoyo had one half with a spike and one half with a flat nipple. Whether or not Chris took the 2 halves with spikes and screwed them together isn’t even relevant. He probably matched one “bad” one with one “good” one so most of them would be the same. Had he matched all the flat nipple/spiked halves together and then all the normal spiked halves together, there would be two different Peaks released. That’s why I think he did it like that, of course, I can’t be sure b/c this is all it says in THE HISTORY OF THE PEAK:

"Unfortunately this 1st run, 2nd batch was known to have even more of a “Peak vibe” than the 1st run, 1st batch, so if “Peak vibe” had not become a mainstream term after the “OG” Peaks, it sure was after the 28S Peaks. This 1st run, 2nd batch had major quality control issues, such that almost every other half produced had an undesired flat nipple/spike. Chris tried his best to hand match 28 Stories Peaks such that each Peak contained a pointy nipple half and a flat nipple half. I happen to own a rare “double pointy nipple” 28S Peak which was hand matched by Chris for maximum smoothness.

And with that 2nd batch, the era of the 1st run Peak and the 1st Shop was over. "

But it’s just common sense that two matching, proportioned halves would play smoother and better than two non matching. He just didn’t really have a choice.

I totally forgot about Bens 28stories peak because I was always under the assumption that each of them was matched that way on purpose. My bad. I do remember them saying that since they were hand matched that swapping halves could create more vibe.

That’s an OG 28 stories peak. No need to dispute that.

final bump for the 28s

it is at $445 right now

it is fun seeing the conversations about this thing =)
This is a SUPER special throw, and is definitely one of the smoothest first run peaks i have thrown (and those of you who know me, know i have thrown a LOT of peaks =P)

last chance to get this…oh, and i think there are only 24 og 28s peaks =)

you just answered your own question.itd be different because chris would match halves for maximum smoothness something you wouldnt be doing if you just swapped halves with someone else

I’d pay more if hadn’t just bought 4 Tis.

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closed! sold for $475

thanks everyone =)

Thanks for keeping us updated! I had my max in my head at $500 for me since that’s about where nonmint OGs start. If hadnt spent over $2000 on yoyos this past week I would have tried to get it. Congrats and hopefully it will stay in mint condition at its new home.

thats nuts!! haha

post some pics of all that ti and let me know when they are up! =)

When it says he matched halves for maximum smoothness I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean he put matched every half with every other half until he found the one that was the smoothest. I’m pretty sure he just means he gave Ben, the OP of the History of the Peak, a peak with two matching Pointy spiked halves. And I know the consistency with the 2nd runs was all over the place and “did not exist” but I think that was on a batch to batch basis. One batch might not be like another batch but if you swapped halves within the same batch, you’d probably be ok.