CLYWmparison - Compare CLYW yoyos.

So, I’m starting out as a web-based software developer, and as a fun weekend project I decided to try and whip up a yoyo comparison tool. I used CLYW yoyos for data, and amazingly enough, Chris loved it, and has implemented it directly into the CLYW website! Check it out here:


The idea is you can click on one or multiple CLYW yoyos to view their size, plotted on a radar graph. It’s kind of a fun way to visualize the differences in yoyo measurements, and it can lead to some fun discoveries - who knew the Peak and Canvas were so similar in size?

I hope you guys like it! It was definitely a great way to spend a weekend, learned a ton about D3.js (a Javascript graphing library)


Very cool! I’ve enjoyed comparing the various CLYW throws with your tool. =)