CLYW vs Anglam CC


Are there any CLYW yoyos that you think are better than the Anglam CC? I don’t want to waste money, that’s all. I’m leaning towards the Anglam CC, but are there any CLYWs that play faster, are more stable and are just generally better than the Anglam CC? Please reply ASAP.


D’you mind if I ask whether you are limiting your choices to CLYW alone. The only reason I ask is that you said you don’t want to waste money, you seem to want the best bang for your buck, so are you exclusively looking at CLYW? In all honesty I suspect as long as you chose a full or mid-sized CLYW you wouldn’t be wasting your money, likewise I suspect you wouldn’t waste you money on the Anglam. HOWEVER, for the price of an Anglam CC there are going to be a lot of phenomenal yoyos that you could pick up, including the whole of the YYR/TP lines, either of the Sturm Panzer throws, and just so many more: YYJoker, yoyomonster and so it goes on…

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It’s possible to waste money on yoyos? That’s just crazy talk! ::slight_smile:


Well, I guess I could buy a yoyo from a different brand, so, of course.


I personally think the yoyomonster checkmate I have is better than the clyws I’ve thrown. I’ve also owned an angle and if the anglam cc is anything like the angle it’s going to be awesome.