Cliff vs Anglam CC


I have had my eye on the Cliff for a while now, because of it’s size, but mainly shape; it looks like a yoyo I would like. My preferences are: smooth, stable, maneuverable, (it would be nice if it was also fun) and is good for horizontal play. Which would you recommend? (I also prefer the colourway of the Cliff more.)
Also, how does the Cliff compare to the Summit?


Plz stop with these threads. Buy the Anglam CC and enjoy.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to be annoying. It’s just hat I bought a God Tricks Bounty Hunter as my first metal, and it barely sleeps and is not good for learning tricks, and I want to get a new yoyo hoping it would be much better than my BH.


This will probably be my last post for a while, so are there any other opinions?


I know how it is when you’re trying to decide which throw to get, the choice is overwhelming. But you have to understand that these threads can get a little tedious and you’ll have much more luck if you search through the forums/google/reviews and read up on each one.

If you like the colourway and look of the Cliff more, and if you are more drawn to it, then get that. At the end of the day they’ll both play great, but you’ll have much more fondness for one that you bought because you liked and wanted it rather than one you bought because it plays well.

If there is a yoyo you really want and you buy another one instead, you will probably end up regretting it.

I haven’t owned either of these so I can’t really give a valid opinion on the subject, but searching through some reviews (like the ones on will probably help. I believe they reviewed the Cliff recently…


I have a Bounty Hunter. Sleeps plenty, really stable with a nice wide catch zone makes it great for learning most tricks on. There’s a chance you may need to clean the bearing, but I think in all likelihood you just need more practice. If you’re expecting new yoyo to suddenly make you a better player and master all those challenging tricks there’s a reasonable chance you’ll be disappointed regardless of which yoyo you buy.

And in response to your initial question, the Anglam CC fits your preferences best.


Maybe you should clean your bearing on the Bounty Hunter, and then of that doesn’t work, practice. Remember, it’s not the yoyo, it’s the yoyoer! Of the two that you asked for help deciding on, the Anglam CC seems like your best bet. :slight_smile:


Would it be a good idea to get both?


If you have that kind of money I don’t see much risk in flipping a coin to choose…


What about Cliff vs Summit? What are their differences and similarities? Which would you choose, and which is more fun?




Just get whichever one you like the most. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these throws, and you seem to be a bit stressed over this decision. In the end, it’s a yoyo, so I would flip a coin, maybe choose the one that looks best. I would try to order by tomorrow because of the sale, if you’re ordering from YYE. :slight_smile:


If I unscrew the Anglam CC, will it affect play? The reason I ask is because this happens to YYR yoyos.


Does it? Do you have any proof of that, or just the statement on one website? My 20 YYRs have no issues being unscrewed.


Yeah, I have unscrewed YYR’s plenty of times, and nothing bad has ever happened. They’re still as smooth as when I got them, and play great. Whoever says that unscrewing a YYR messes it up is full of baloney (of course we are assuming you unscrew it properly).

I really don’t think a company as prestigious as YYR would create yoyos that break if you unscrew them. How else would you replace the bearing or response?

If you read that on a Japanese site, a lot of times they’re very cautious. I mean, one Japanese site states that most YYR’s ano is easily blemished, and can come with bad ano from the factory. I’ve never seen a YYR with bad/ugly ano blemishes straight from the factory.


I think the easiest way to dispute between buying two yoyos is just to flip a coin.

Say, the Anglam CC is heads and the Cliff is tails.

Say it lands on Anglam CC and you still have a feeling in your stomach that you still don’t know you want the Anglam CC. That usually means you actually wanted the Cliff and just go with the Cliff.

If it lands on the Anglam CC and you don’t have a bad feeling about it then get it, and vice versa if it landed tails for the Cliff.

Also just buy one and then sell it if you don’t like it and get the other.


Yes, flipping a coin is the best method, because when the coin is in the air, you realize which side you want it to land on. Then, you know which throw to get. Flip a coin. Heads is Anglam, Tails is Cliff.