CLYW Video Contest

Hey guys heres my entries in the CLYW video contest. I might re film some, but i want to know what you guys think first. I also will be adding more videos, i have not filmed all my tricks.

Elevator 2.5? This one is inspired by the great Adam B. I might re film this one, as the trick did not come out perfect.

Harsh Lights- old trick, just thought id test the camera location with it (to see if everything was in the frame) and i ended up uploading it anyway.

Pale wall- i know this one is almost completely out of the frame. I may re film it, i was not going for the trick to be out of the frame, but i love the artsy feel of it, so i might keep it.

More to be added soon.

By the way, i dont expect to win, but its all in good fun.

jeremy :slight_smile:

Can you get any better? Dang…


good luck


Are you in your parents room in the first?

I really liked the first one. Cool vid. The 3rd one was outta frame.