for the clyw contest(one more added)

one more this is my last one cause I am focusing on my real video


Nice! You’re awesome!


Nice but the first two the trick is out of the frame 50% of the time.

Take what ever you have the camera sitting on im assuming the bed and move it to the edge. 50% of your video is your bed sheet.

Also try to position the camera upwards a little by wedging something in the front.

I entered a couple too :slight_smile:

Good Luck. We will need it I seen some sweet stuff so far.


not my best tricks at all
just wanted to enter to have some fun
I really need a tripod
I have no money
spent it all on going to national


you got crazy slacks ! i enjoyed


one more video added
my last video


Awesome video! Why do you have to upload many videos, just one right?

Happy Throwing! =]


clyw contest said you can enter many times if you want