CLYW Scout - Zip Zap Rap

This is my beautiful Scout.


I think those are better Splash Game shots than some of mine. You’re getting so proficient at this. :smiley: I’ve been dying to photograph one of those Zip Zap Rap colorways, but I always find some other colorway a little more appealing to own.

For me, the left side is just more even, and I always go for those. Nice looking throw you have there.

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left as well for me.

Thanks, I was going for Rainbow Trout, but they sold out (rhyme) so I got this one because it was by far my second favorite. It looks better than the photo makes it look. I highly recommend that colorway.

I loooove the zip zap rap colorway. And just so you know the origin…

Pink, yellow, and blue :rofl:



:rofl: did not know that. Worst song I’ve ever heard tbh, couldn’t handle the full 4:42

I dunno, before I listened to that song I was just about to take illegal drugs, and now that I have listened to it in full, I no longer think taking illegal drugs is a good idea.


The only drug I need in my life is MORE YO YOS

Oh boy… the infamous “just say no” :expressionless: