GN Yoyo Co Phoenix 7075 Prototype - Gruntbull Swirl Ano 1


Thanks, Gruntbull!

(major_seventh) #2

I was thinking left, but the right looks kind of similar… :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Yeah I think those might be identical pictures.


Yeah, they look the same. We’ll give him a chance to re-post. :wink:



The weird thing is, I can’t find a file on my computer of the same half. The only file I have is the one I changed it to. ???

(Spinworthy Glen) #6

Not the nicest looking color combination.


I think it looks really cool! Definitely shows how people’s preferences can differ! :slight_smile:


Left side!


I have to say left side on this one, because I like splashes that are more even and show all colors equally.

I fall somewhere in the middle with opinion on the color combo. I think it’s fine, not the best or worst color combo.


Looks like bacon sizzling in a pan, I dig ;D


:smiley: Never would have seen that.