Yoyofficer - Hatchet - Clear/Red/Black

Which side of my Hatchet looks better? Vote left or right in the poll, or comment your vote.

HatchetYYE by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Both sides are appealing. I just like the right better.

Yeah, I had to vote right too… the left overdid the red a little! I like the more black appearance of the right… I bet it looks cool spinning.

I agree, the red was overpowering on the left, and although I wish there wasn’t that space at 9:00 on the right, the color distribution is more appealing. The right won for me too.

I can feel the ano’ on this one, as though it’s layered on in such a way that it created a grind finish. One of my most unique YoyoExpert colored throws.

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Same here.

I’m going to post a spinning shot of it later…you guys have me curious how it might turn out. :wink:

I voted right on this one - I like how the way the black fades into the silver with just a splash of red to keep it interesting.

Left had to much red. Voted right.

Whoa, I said left