CLYW Scout - Rainbow Trout

Well, its time. Time for me to share my most precious throw to date.

Left side because of the blue.

How did you do that picture? It looks like it’s two different yoyos.

I favor the blue side too, but the other side when its spinning!
As for the pic, i just took it apart, layed in on my hoodie, propped up the non-axle side with my ring and thats about it. Here the back side
*note the stock bearing has been replaced


Us aren’t smart

I was hoping someone would do this rainbow trout colorway. I didn’t get my hands on one, so I’m glad you posted it. I have to also vote for the left side because of the blue. Cool post.

Sweet color on both sides but I have to agree on the left

Dust has all the cool colored yoyos, probably my favorite collection out of all of the ones I’ve seen :slight_smile:

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