CLYW Puffin Review


Hey, what’s up guys! I got my hands on a first-run Pekka Team edition Puffin when they came out, and thhought I should write a review. Here we go…
CLYW Puffin by Jake_From_State_Farm, on Flickr

As always, the yoyo arrives in a box sealed with a beautiful cardboard slip keeping the box closed. Upon opening the box, you see the toto in some brown paper nest-like thing.
Candy String by Jake_From_State_Farm, on Flickr

Out Of The Box
I was surprised at how short and stocky this yoyo is. It is about the size of an OD Cascade, maybe a smidgen smaller. However, these two play noting alike. It has Chief-like double rims, and the axle nipples. I had gotten the Pekka Team Edition, so mine was a beautiful silver with red splash. Caribou Lodge yoyos always look so good you almost don’t want to throw them for fear of scraping or dinging it. The Puffin is a mid-weight yoyo weighing in at 65.7 grams.

First Impressions
On the first throw, “Holy-Cow- this thing is smooth!” It comes stock with a Center Trac bearing. I generally dislike CTs in any of my throws, but I didn’t feel like changing it. I was pleasantly surprised. I could not feel the yoyo on the string, once I did the finger thing to fix the vibe from my not-so-perfect throw. Instantly I fell in love with this yoyo. I could barely comprehend that there was a yoyo on the end of my Type 3 Big Yoyo String, it was THAT smooth! I played this for 3 1/2 hours that night, I just could not get enough.
Candy String by Jake_From_State_Farm, on Flickr

The Puffin has very snappy binds out of the box thanks to the snappy SnowTire response in it. I used a regular thickness string (Type 3 BYYS), and some really thick prototype string in it and they both performed flawlessly.

Spin Time
With the CT bearing, after I had played the yoyo for about 2 hours, I clocked it and got 3:16. That is definitely one of the best times I have gotten, and I don’t consider my throw perfect. I’m sure the double rims had something to do with it, and the freshly broken in CT (CenterTrac) probably helped as well.

Just like any CLYW yoyo I’ve owned, the finish on this yoyo is spectacular. A very nice and shiny silver penetrated with a bold, but not “in-your-face” red splash. Unlike some YYF yoyos I have/had, I could not feel a raise in the texture when I was rubbing over the splash. I’m even considering buying some of that Monkey Finger Buff just to keep this yoyo in tip-top shape.

While priced between $145 and $155, some would agree that it is over-priced and therefore have little value in terms of price. I, however, would beg to differ. The feeling of working hard at your job, and saving your money in order to buy this is worth the price alone. When you get it, and see how beautiful it is and how great it performs, you will be able to see the real value behind the yoyo.

Bottom Line
Long story short- If you can afford it, buy it. You will not be disappointed. Great performance, great finish, and super long sleep times. I do not know what else you would want from a yoyo.

Performance 10/10
Finish 10/10
Value 9/10
Appearance 10/10 (in my opinon, user mileage may vary)
Spin Time 10/10 (again,in my opinion)

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Good review!

On an off topic note, My friend times his chief and clocked it at around 7 minutes spinning…Insane!


You got good spin times? Mine has terrible a terrible spin time…
I still love it, though.

Puffin Spin Times
Puffin Spin Times
Puffin Spin Times

You said axel nipples…


That is what they are called.


Good review, and pretty accurate from my experience. A friend brings one to work on a regular basis and I’ve thrown it a bunch. It’s an exceptionally good throw!


Thanks for the compliments guys!

Yes, they are called nipples, lol


3:16 with or without twistin the string to keep the string from touching the sides?


I threw it down, and timed it until it stopped. No adjustments


Wow, My Puffin can’t spin for nearly as long >:(


The yoyo doesn’t spin itself. :wink:


You got that right


Nice Yoyo, And Review!


This thig spins longer than chief on combos, plus u can go much faster


I’m just gonna assume you mean the bearing ::slight_smile:




Let’s trade Puffins, but you can keep your Chief.


I don’t wanna trade…




Great review😄 You should definitely get some of the monkeyfinger buff. I got some and it is great.