clyw packaging

can someone please post a vid or pics of the packaging for all carribou lodge yoyo works yoyos.(preferably the campfire but any will do.if you never bothered to make a vid,please tell me what string it comes with and any other things that come with it.please describe the box.thx.yo-bear

Just curious, why?

i thinking about getting string when i order my campfire,but if it comes with a good string then i dont need to buy for the packaging part,im one of those weird people who likes to collect the packaging.i dont know why i do it but i if someone could tell me about the string it comes with and about the packaging that would be greatly apreciated.

Hey im with you, i collect the boxes, to either sort of display my yoyos or some of them just have a cool design, like the YYF Boss comes in a cool package, all it is, is the regular YYF box but it’s all black with gold trim. As for the CLYW, all it is is just a light brown box, and on the top it’s sort of like a envelope. Sorry could provide pics, i dont have a camera that works at the moment. ;D

good to know im not the only one.umm…could you tell me what kind of string comes with it.

I think it’s half cotton, and half poly but im not sure, but the string will only last you a few days till you should replace it, so if you dont get more string.

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You’ll want to keep the box… it’s uh, well it’s ‘cute’. A manly cute of course (I couldn’t find a better word).

Mine came with just a generic string, if I had to guess I’d say Slick 6.

This deserves a nobel prize

You can never have too much string.

I also keep the boxes. :stuck_out_tongue: