Clyw, one drop, yyj, hspin. Thinning the collection.

Hello everyone

I am going to be moving again and I figured it was the perfect time to thin the collection. I have lots of yoyos just sitting in storage. all are in great to perfect condition. I looked them over tonight and could not find a scuff on any of them. Payment by PayPal and I will ship by usps flat rat box. All shown with box come with everything that came in the box. If it had stuffing, string, sticker, patch or pin it’s still in there.

Prices include shipping by usps priority with tracking.

Message me if you have any questions.

From top left
Clyw Chief. Gold. $100
Clyw Sasquatch. Black with copper splash. $100
Clyw Orca. (With a pin) Every Berry. $100
Clyw puffin. Confetti. $100
Clyw puffin 2. Jack Rabbit. $100
Clyw bonfire. Green apple. $100
Clyw Advance Scout. (With a patch) Orange. $120
Clyw narwhal 2. Grape Maderaid. $100
Clyw bear vs man 2. Ash Berry. $120
Clyw/One drop Summit. Red. $100
One Drop Chik! Blue. $80
One Drop Code 2. Yellow. $80
One Drop Cascade. Blue. $80
One Drop 2014 Benchmark v. Blue. $50
One Drop 2014 Benchmark w. Black. $50
Yoyojam Andre Boulay HEX. Black w/blue stripe. $150
Hspin Good and Evil Poison #184. Purple. $100 (sold)
Hspin pyro. Red and orange #854. $100 (sold)
Clyw/C3Yoyodesign H5 x Chief. (No box). $150


Good and evil poison is sold.

If anyone wants close up pics of any of them message me your number and I can text you some.


Both hspin are gone. I didn’t expect those to be the quick movers. Figured the clyw’s and maybe the Yoyojam considering yyj is no more.
I have had allot of interest in some of the CLYW’s but no one has pulled the trigger yet so those are all still available.