CLYW Love thread.

Too much bickering regarding CLYW on this forum.

Why not any other brand?

Chris has been under a lot of stress lately, and he needs to really understand what good he does for the yoyo community. There is also a lot of stuff going around about his companies hype and “bickering” about his prices and return tops. We love him, and it would make him feel good to tell him that.

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As long as it’s not stroking the ego stuff. I’m sure he’s well aware of the clyw choke hold they have on the general public.

Are you kidding me? Chris LOVES all the arguing people do about CLYW. Any publicity is good publicity.

True, but when it turns into personal attacks at him, it’s less enjoyable.

Lol who has been personally attacking him? And for what reason other than to just whine about prices?

Eh, good point.

I think it would make him feel better if you told him how much you loved him with your money. Luckily everyone already does that anyway. But I can’t love him any more. Because I already bought every new release and have to wait for the Puffin 2 to love him more.