CLYW Gnarwhal review

I dont have time to write a complete review, but heres what I have.I dont know how to post pics,so check out specs and everything here:

                                     Packaging:nothing completely special, just the standard brown box with a cute narwhal graphic drawn by Jensen Kimmit

                                      Comfort and shape:the gnarwhal is the little brother to Alex Berenguel's recently released signature,the sasquatch.That being said, it has a very comfortable,sort of full-size/mini feel.the rims fit very well agains the other fingers, while keeping the middle in the catch zone. The shape is a sort of cross between the bassalope and the and the protostar, two of my fav throws.

                                        Playability:so,after all of this, you want to know how it plays? in one word:SMOOTH!!! with just a hairline of vibe at the end of your spin and CLYWs expertly applied flowable silicone for a smooth,perfectly unresponsive playing machine which could handle all the hops,gyros,and slacks I threw at it.Grinds were a dream with the gnarwhal,except for thumbs,which just couldnt happen.

                       Thanks for reading! feel free to comment or pm me if you have questions or suggestions-Connor Woolard

Good job :slight_smile:
Just a tip: you might want to extend on how it plays (fast, slow, floaty, solid, heavy, light, how it feels on the string, etc.)
Also: Not necessary, but talking about looks is a normal for reviews.

Sweet review!

Tips :

Gnarwhal* I understand you were rushed, but this is a mistake that could have been avoided.

Also, Thumb grinds are possible, just throw at an angle.

Not all Gnarwhals come with vibe, so don’t give the wrong idea of hair vibe.

And yes, you should extend on how it plays.

Im not trying to be rude, but hopefully you can take these tips into consideration.