CLYW Fools Gold Avalanche reveiw(no pics)


This is a review of the Fools gold avalanche.

Lets start with the specs:

diameter: 55.5mm/2.19in.
bearing:size c
response:snow tires

When i first got the yoyo, I was expecting some thing that was going to play slow and not very floaty, but when I first threw it, I thought “man is this yoyo floaty.” The first trick i threw at this yoyo was skin the gerbil, and it handled it very well, not loosing that much spin. The response is a little snaggy to begin with, but once you break it in, it provides tight binds every time.

The grinds on this yoyo are very good, not loosing that much spin. It can handle arm, finger and palm grinds very well but when you try to thumb grind, the yoyo slides right off your nail.

Overall, I definitely recommend this yoyo to any player who would like a quality metal yoyo. The free t-shirt is a nice plus to.


Cool review! Could be a bit more detailed, but I like short reviews, because they’re straight to the point