Clyw cliff vs clyw Arctic circle

Wich one is better i can’t decide

Neither is better. They’re two very very different throws. The AC is a good solid throw that will handle everything you could possibly throw at it and is slightly undersized. The Cliff is a big floaty beast of a throw.


AC 1 or AC2? If it’s between the cliff and AC1 get the AC1 but if the AC2 is the one you can’t decide on get the cliff. AC2 has some vibe, if your picky. Cliff just plays better

Isn’t that a pretty bold statement, vibe? Most of the time my vibe has to do with bad technique. If I focus on the throw, it cleans up into a pretty solid spin.

But… this is a personal thing we do, throws are all very personal. I love throws that other people dislike and others love throws that I can’t stand.