CLYW Cliff: A High Speed YoYo Review


The Cliff is Czech Republic native, Petr Kavka’s signature yo-yo. It started off as a collaborative effort between him and Chris M. during a conversation while both were attending the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, FL and has since gone on to gets some crazy good press. Since my break from reviewing CLYW products I have watched quite a few models come out basically everything from the Chief on forward. All of them looked amazing but for one reason or another I could not seem to get my hands on one, mostly due to popularity and the fact that when I had money they were nowhere to be had at a decent retail price. Of all the designs I have watched come out the one that really just stuck with me was the Cliff. It was just the one that I said if I could only review a single CLYW this year this would be it. The design was large and bizarre and intimating and in your face… too many “ands” just caught my eye. In a hobby where everyone says that this shape mimics that shape and this yoyo looks like a riff off of that yoyo I tend to gravitate towards the strange, something the Cliff has that in spades. Sometimes the strange comes back to bite me, other times it is a tremendous hit. Lets see which one the Cliff is.

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The biggest problem for me with the Cliff was that the catch zone kept eating my middle finger. I just couldn’t enjoy it when it was constantly hurting me.


I could see that happening for some. I had some rubbing against my middle finger knuckle but the play is so darn nice I can forgive the discomfort.


A little late but cool anyways.


Nice review. I agree 110% about the bearing.


The yoyo is still in production, as long as that is the case there is no such thing as “too late”. Thanks for the kind words none the less.

Thanks man, the bearing is a shame but it does boil down to personal preference. Luckily the bearing is a user replicable part like string so you can customize to your heart’s content.