Here’s all I have premade as of 01/31/11


Bump. One pack is gone, and I have 4 packs of the lighter Joker Purple 2 Red packs 1 White Pack, and a Blue pack coming together. I also have about 3 more purples coming up, and 2 packs of every color of newest thread (Max Thread) The stuff is legit. Pictures Soon.


New Pics of everything I have to offer will be posted soon. Just gotta see if most of it will be sold. Possible Pending(s) on many of these strings.


Bump. Tonight I will pretie 10 Yale Blues of my Maximum thread, and then 14 packs will be in the twisting process.


2 of the fourteen are ready. Last night I made a Yale Blue Max Pack, and a Light Purple Max Pack, and I have 2 of the five Yellow Green Strings done. Also I pretied 12 Oranges strings so when the maxes get twisted Orange is on Deck. Anyone contemplating can consider I have orange yellow and yellow green thins in the tie phase, and pink purple and Maroon thick strings in the tie phase.

and with that BUMP!


I now have 160 strings ready to ship.



Pictures of the stash will be up once I can get my card to a computer. I think I will post in the “you know your obsessed with yoyoing when” area as well. The count is about to 175 I think.


Woohoo. 200+ ready to ship. Purple and Yellow Greens are on deck.


Yeah just slapped a yellow green spool down. So Yellow Green is on deck.


Eh I’m losing count of how many I have (AGAIN) anywho lot’s of goodies still available. Pm me Also I really want to do a trade for a yo-yo.


Oh some big deals are going down now. I’ll need to wait till they’re done before I can say how many I have.


Here’s what is available right now. (Not gonna be taking custom orders)

Here’s what I just sold

If your drooling on your keyboard at this time. PM with an offer.


Just got 30 Made Last night. Woo Hoo! Daily Bump.

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