cliff vs bvm2

ok so i dont really have preferences as long as its a good throw. what are your guys preferences on what i should get?

I like the Cliff. It’s big, fun, and very floaty. Keep in mind, this throw is very big–59mm if I’m not mistaken. The BvMr2 is a pure performance throw, and is a beast for competition. Personally, I would go for the Cliff, but some may find it too big to be practical.

Oh yeah, next time, put these questions in the “Looking for help /recommendations” section. :slight_smile:

Both are good.

Cliff seems more for casual and just having a great time with. It’s BIG. The big size may make some tricks on small hands harder. It’s slow and floaty, but it can be pushed fast and remains solid and stable.

The BvMr2 is more competition oriented. Mind you, it’s still a ton of fun. However, if you want something more overall playable, this would be the one to get.

I have both. I enjoy both. I do enjoy the BvMr2 more. That’s where I’d push you.

I enjoy the Cliff more. It’s unique. Yes it is large but everything about its shape brings something new to its play. The BvM2 I just didn’t care about after I got it, honestly. I know it’s a competition beast or whatever and it performs very admirably and very well, but in terms of overall fun I’ve put a lot more hours into my Cliff because it’s just very unique and enjoyable. More relaxed and “groovy.”

The Cliff is just too big

Cliff is oversized floaty and fun
BVM is competition ready and smooth