BvM2 vs Cliff

I had just made another post about which CLYW I should get next. I’ve narrowed down what I want to BvM2 and Cliff. I’m especially tempted by the Cliff (because of the cool shape). I want a yoyo that’s fun to just mess about with.

If If one of the best trucks you know is mach 5, and you have a summit, your good for a couple months.

Actually I just forgot to update that part. I’ve gotten to about halfway through the Advanced Part 2 tutorials on YYE. It will take me about three months to save up for another yoyo. That’s why I’m asking now. I’ll probably just wait until I’ve got enough money and then start asking questions. I think I’m pretty settled on the Cliff now though.

Between the two, I find myself reaching for the Cliff more. The BvM2 is a fantastic rock solid throw but it’s more geared towards competition and lacks personality. The Cliff is just something really different and fun to muck around with.

If you already have a solid “normal” yoyo and you’re looking for some fun… I’m going to be “that guy” and recommend an H5xChief instead of the Cliff. It’s just that much more “out there” and subsequently it’s so much more fun. I mean, it feels so… interesting in the hand, and it’s stable as all heck because of the size. Yet, it’s amazingly “floaty”. Super fun.

That failing, Cliff is pretty fun, too. I just don’t like the way my middle finger gets wedged into the gap. My finger’s just the wrong size for it I guess!