BvM 2 or CLIFF..


So basically I’m 15, Not a ton of money and just want to know everybody’s opinion on the two.

I already own a BvM 2 but have been wanting to get a CLIFF badly, and with the new run coming (Ninja Hurdles colorway) I wanting to buy one.

So what I’m basically saying is What’s your opinion on the CLIFF? Is it better then the BvM 2? Because if I get a CLIFF I will probably need to sell the BvM 2 for money. I like to keep $125-$150 just in case for emergency’s.


I’ve picked up pretty much all of CLYW’s latest releases, and played all of them considerably including both of the throws you’ve mentioned. For my part I believe the BVM2 outplays the Cliff. But just by a smidgen. However, I also think that were I asked to say which I preferred to throw, I would choose the BVM2 hands down. While the Cliff plays well, and I do still throw it, for me I do not find it as easy a throw, now as an enjoyable a throw as the BVM2. In fact the BVM2 for me is on a par with the new Ava as being the best of the recent CLYW.

I can try and quantify my feelings on these two. The Cliff feels larger in my hand. Both in diameter and width. Regardless of the specs, it just feels bigger. And on a throw, I don’t feel I have as much control, nor as much confidence in the throw/torque as I do with the BVM2 which I guess is probably a function of the shape. Once on the string they both perform. But the ‘getting there’ ruins it for me with the Cliff. Neither lack in real spin time, but I find myself throwing the Cliff harder because I feel I have to. In terms of play, both are very stable, with both providing a modicum of float (to me).

So, my humble and inexperienced opinion says that if you have a BVM2, don’t rid yourself of it to pick up a Cliff. If you can get a decent price for it, maybe find an A- grade YYR on the BST instead…