Clear this up.

I just want to clear this message left by a moderator on my B/S/T,72591.0.html

I got money from this guy from selling a new avalanche i got in the mail. I personally did not really like it i mean its a nice throw mint no vibe but not my thing. I sold it to a guy named dizzo great guy i’m not blaming him this is my fault for being late So I agreed i would send it on tuesday and i was a little late in sending it so i sent it on friday. I also deleted my account I believe on thursday or wensday because i got the cash i needed i don’t need this account anymore i messaged two guys mankey_mat and dizzo that you can email me any questions or your address through my email and deleted it well dizzo put a report on my paypal and i was like wtf? So i re activated my account and the moderator thinks im a scammar and he emails me why did you do this i told him i sent it and i just deleted my account because i’m done I don’t need to sell anymore(no response) ok he probably got it. I reactivated it again just to see if my name is clear he left a message on my b/s/t saying i scammed him or it looks like i did. I didn’t ok idk why he just did that i sent him telling him it was ok i sent it i also cleared the paypal problem also. So if i trade/buy again don’t be afraid because of that i’m not a scammar just wanted to clear that. Im not angry i see why this happened i should have stayed till it was done i guess i wasnt thinking.

If you plan on trading/selling again then why would you delete your account? It seems like you were in some sort of rush what with getting rid of your account before actually shipping.

Why even delete your account in the first place? By the look of your history, you’ll be coming back soon enough so why bother making a new account then when you can just keep this one. Deleting your account just seems really fishy, there’s really no point to why you would.

I’m not saying you are a scammer or not but you sure do a lot of stupid things to lead people to believe you are.

It’s clear from your writing style that you’re young, so perhaps you may not intend to scam people, but it’s obvious that you don’t know how to B/S/T responsibly. If you agreed to send it on Tuesday, then you should have sent it on Tuesday… bar some extreme extenuating circumstances, in which case you should have kept Dizzo informed.

It’s fairly clear from your multiple accounts, deleting accounts, and numerous negative feedback and complaints that you are not a good person to be trading with. What Jhb has done (rather than ban you and delete your B/S) is simply warn people of the complaints against your name, which seems more than fair considering your history on these boards.

I don’t think there’s much to clear up, OP. You’re an immature and shady character and all your actions make this abundantly clear.

I paid you march 20th. I have not received the yoyo yet. You told me last week you shipped it Friday. Showed me a receipt with a date of Monday. The tracking you gave paypal to settle the dispute can’t be confirmed. If this gets cleared I’ll let everyone know, but at the moment, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

Let it be known that I have received the yoyo. All is well

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